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Manifesting Dreams & Wishes Through Art & Play

At Mahalo Mel's Art Hut In Hampton East

Two sessions available: - 3 to 4 hours made available depending on how fast/slow you may be

Wed nights 6:30pm to 9:30pm/10.30pm - Adults only manifesting dreams & wishes.

Sun sessions from 1pm to 4pm/5pm - Adults and/or adult & children sessions in manifesting dreams & wishes.

Minimum age 10 & older (all children must be accompanied by an adult).

Art Hut is suitable for any occasion including a girls day/night out!

* Punch & bottomless coffee provided.

* BYO snacks &/or light meal where/if required (keeping in mind allergy concerns of those around you).

Full Hampton East location & details will be provided once booking is paid for & confirmed.

Full T&C as shown in footer. 

Enjoy an afternoon or evening of manifesting your dreams & wishes through the magic of art & play.  We'll be starting off with a small meditation to connect in with your intuition and wishes, followed on by reviewing some provided display books & images for your immediate use & inspiration!  You will then be guided in how to use tracing paper, ink, pretty pastels & wonderfulwatercolours ~ putting out to the universe your dreams & wishes by setting your intent and representing it through images and via the art you create, all at Mahalo Mel's Art Hut within Bayside, Hampton East.  

Manifesting can be to do with ie. health, wanting to feel stronger, energised, protected and healed or to do with love, in being loved, or giving love, feeling loved or to do with abundance in wealth, success, career, hobbies, travelling, kicking goals, finding your purpose or in being abundant in joy & happiness, or in time & peace.  The list goes on!  It is like making a wish!  It's all up to you and in what you would like to attract into your energy field. Give yourself permission to play at the Mahalo Mel Art Hut!

You will be guided through this process which will enable you to create something that is unique to you and which you'll be proud of to display.  It is for beginners & beyond = Yay!  Let's go! 

Here's what students have been working on!

September Art Hut Bookings - Min 2 Max 6

3 Sep, Sun


Fathers Day Special! Manifesting dreams & wishes! - 1pm to 4pm/5pm

Adults & kids.  Location: Bayside, Hampton East, Vic, Australia 

6 Sep Wed


Manifesting dreams & wishes - 6:30pm to 9:30pm/10:30pm

Adults only.  Location: Bayside, Hampton East, Vic, Australia

10 Sep, Sun


Manifesting dreams & wishes! - 1pm to 4pm/5pm

Adults & Kids welcomed.  Location:  Bayside, Hampton East, Vic, Australia

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