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My name is Melissa and Mahalo for visiting my page.  I am so looking forwarding to spending some time with you at the Mahalo Mel Art Hut!

Come with me on my journey as I explain to you my passion for undertaking the setting your intent manifesting art workshops.  Over the last 15 years I have endured the grief of losing my Mum and my partner.  All of this took place whilst I was studying an Advance Diploma in Art Therapy & during my placement & exams.  To my surprise & relief I completed & obtained this qualification & I am so deeply proud of climbing that mountain.

Separate to this I was shown a process of manifesting through meditation & art by a friend & spiritual teacher named Maria. I have since transformed this process into my own style using watercolour paper & paints, fine liners, pastels, glitter & silver sheet paper.


I eagerly created my own healing art scene as the Phoenix Rising up from the flames & ashes along with the sun coming out and a plane for travel.  This was my dream - to heal physically, mentally & emotionally, to rise from the ashes, to feel strength, joy & happiness and to travel again - a past time time passion of mine.  This has all since come to fruition and I have no doubt it was assisted by the meditation & the artwork in setting my intent to manifest these things!


I am a true believer in this process and I am passionate about its magical ways.  What you think about, you bring about and where attention goes, energy flows.

I am so looking forwarding to spending some time with you at the Mahalo Mel Art Hut!


Mahalo means 'Thank You' in Hawaiian. I still hold so many values from my Hawaiian Lomi Lomi training and teachings from my Kumu and extended Ohana that has sprung from it.  

I am also very thankful to Maria who showed me this form of manifesting through a guided art process.

Mahalo for visiting my page and for taking an interest in what I have to say and offer in regards to manifesting wishes at my Art Hut.

A list of my trainings & qualifications are shown within here.




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