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My name is Melissa and Mahalo/thank you for visiting my page!


I am so looking forwarding to spending some time with you at the Mahalo Mel Art Hut, guiding you through manifesting your dreams & wishes.

I am a true believer in what you think about, you bring about and that where attention goes, energy flows. Lets have some fun!

I am a qualified Art Therapist and I have also designed 'working through grief' guided activity sheets which involves play and imagination by using cut out photos of your loved one along with family or friends and by using embellishments and set scenes to incorporate a world that is set outside of space and time. Please refer to my link Journeying through grief for more information. It is a very soft and healing process for all involved, when you are ready. If this is of interest to you, please reach out to ask me more about it.

Further details on all my trainings can be located below. 


Mahalo means 'Thank You' in Hawaiian. I still hold so many values from my Hawaiian Lomi Lomi training and learnings from my Kumu and extended Ohana that has sprung from it.  I am also very thankful to Maria who showed me this form of manifesting through art. 

Mahalo for visiting my page and for taking an interest in what I have to say and offer in regards to manifesting wishes at my Art Hut, Lomi Lomi massage and/or Art Therapy activities and it's healing qualities.  I am very grateful. 

A list of my trainings & qualifications are shown within here.




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