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Why have a healing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage?

Mahalo Mel offers a serene and healing 90 min Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage or a 60 min relaxing and harmonising massage and is a true believer that the Hawaiian techniques taught to her harmonises not only the body but the mind and soul too. 

As her Kumu (teacher) of Lomi Lomi Tracey Namakanaokalani Ha'aolakainapali describes: "Lomi Lomi is a healing massage which has been passed down through Hawaiian families for generations. Hawaiian people view all aspects of the body as one and believe that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are all part of the whole self - the intent of Lomi Lomi is to free energy flow by releasing stress and tension in the body and to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit by working with various traditional Hawaiian techniques."

With each treatment you will be asked at the start of the massage to let go, breathe out any troubles or problems that you may be holding on to and to breathe in the Aloha & Mana, the love & positive life force energy that surrounds us. It is a time to manifest your dreams and to let go of the old. The body has a way of holding on to emotions within the muscles and psyche and so by working with this understanding this technique assists with the letting go, allowing healing to begin.

The Hawaiian technique is unique in the way that it is done using the forearms and consists of long, fluid movements and also under body strokes, often working two different parts of the body at the same time so that the mind has to relax and to simply 'let go'. Soft rotation of the joints assists in releasing built up tension within the body. 

Book in to visit Mahalo Mel at her Hampton East location.

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