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Mermaid Jewels ~ Silver plated chain with silver coloured charms from the sea and and silver plated lunar chain with moon crest charm. This item is potted with beautiful green glass beads to add something special. I have always lived near the sea growing up and when I was young I use to place green seaweed around my neck which were strings of little green balls all joined together and I'd pretend I was a mermaid. With this piece you can pretend too! The round pendant at the bottom is inscribed with 'Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes'.  

Whilst wearing this play with the little starfish and place your wishes into them so that you can manifest something beautiful into your life. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do! Mahalo!

$55 AUD

$40 USD (Estimate as of Nov 2018)

+ P&H ($7.60 parcel + $2.95 signature on delivery Australia wide. Total: $10.55)

International deliveries available, please message me at: to confirm cost - Mahalo!

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A Beltain Beauty - This necklace, made in honour of Beltain, is divine! A gorgeous clear smokey quartz to aid in earthing and easing anxiety, it can be removed from its copper harness I made by unclasping the little Rose Gold plated satellite chain on top. Wear or hold quartz f