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Lei making with yarn - Gifts From The Heart

Join Mahalo Mel in Lei making with yarn - learn how to make this beautiful gift from the heart, made with love and aloha for your Ohana ~ friends and family.

1 x 50g ball of yarn is the exact amount for one lei.

If you buy or have on hand larger balls of yarn at home my video explains how to measure where to cut.

My favourite yarn you ask? Is the eyelash yarn as shown in the second video.

Both video's can be watched from my Instagram page using the button below ~ enjoy! 

Instagram: mahalomel_artplayapy ~ Please click on the Instagram icon to the left to watch the yarn lei.

Instagram: mahalomel_artplayapy ~ Please click on the Instagram icon to the left to watch the eyelash/fluffy blue lei.

Lei making with ribbon & eyelash yarn ~ Gifts From The Heart

In this video Mahalo Mel will show you how to make a lei using ribbon and eyelash yarn.

Access the full video from her Instagram page using the Instagram button above.


Sensory Cards ~ Gifts From The Heart

A beautiful selection of nature cards as chosen by Mahalo Mel from Unsplash. These images have been chosen to bring about a sense of intrigue, peace, meditation and comfort whilst looking at them. A great gift for anyone feeling bored or anxious in hospital or perhaps to be sent to a Grandparent in a nursing home or even as a gift to a friend or perhaps to keep for yourself. I love looking at mine as they take me away to those magical places! 💗

If you are interested in receiving these please use the Download link below.

Hint: I print mine online at Officeworks, double sided A4 and request them to be laminated at the same time! Super easy to keep clean and makes them easier to handle. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Once printed on A4 double sided there is a line in the centre to follow to cut them into smaller cards.

Note: I am not sponsored by Officeworks or Unsplash and your email address will not be distributed to a third party nor kept on file.  

Cost:   FREE!   DOWNLOAD:    Here!    Enjoy!   Mahalo! 🌈💗                 

You Rock!

Did you know that Pet Rocks bring a smile to the dial!

Looking for a fun little activity to drop into your mailbox from Mel’s shack to yours! A super fun activity either on your own, with children and/or to give as gifts to loved ones.

For me, painting pet rocks as a child was always so magical because you would literally end up with... a pet!! (rock) that you could take... anywhere!

Before my Phili got sick we did this activity together. Instead of using paint we used markers on white pebbles and googly eyes 👀 ~ don't they make it come to life! This is his little one that he made. IT IS SO CUTE! (A TopTip ~ use Blutak to hold it upright and/or sturdy on a flat surface so that it doesn't rock & roll away!

When Phili went into hospital I bought this little pebble in to keep him company (and as a distraction). They make a great little gift 💝 for anyone in hospital and/or for a Grandparent as they really do hold the makers mana/energy and send love & aloha wherever they go!

It’s truly the gift that keeps giving. I always smile when I look at mine.

What you will receive in the mail:

4 x small white pebbles

8 x eyes 👀 various sizing

2 x washable Crayola markers (colours will vary)

1 x small washable glitter glue (use to glue the eyes on and to add sparkle to the pebble for a bit of bling/colour will vary)

1 x flat packed white cardboard pillow pocket to place final products in as a gift to someone (as shown in video above)

1 x piece of Starry tissue paper to wrap your gifts up in before placing them into the white cardboard pillow pocket

1 x sprinkling of glitter to add some magic to your gift

Cost: $15.00

PLUS postage $12 (P&H includes tracking & signature on request)

TOTAL: $27.00 AUD - Only available in Australia.

Please use the form below to request item & payment method.


Play activities for your inner child and/or children:

* Choking hazards - children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Rose quartz grid, rose quartz, crystals, home, stressed, can't sleep
Clear quartz grid, gardening, healing garden, FAE, Fairies, clear quartz, crystals, home, stressed

* 4 x Soft Rose Quartz crystal pack ~ A perfect selection to make a rose quartz grid in the garden around your home/on your block or to place in 4 corners of your home or bedroom if in a flat. To assist in bringing in peace, love, harmony and happiness to your abode.

Price:  $16 + P&H @ $9.50 (Only available within Australia)

* 6 x beautiful Clear Quartz to either bury in the garden to aid in your gardens growth or with it's healing, or to bury or place with your Rose Quartz to amplify the energies and/or to keep in doors i.e along your window cill, under your pillow and/or in your pocket or bra! Feel the magic with these sparkling beauties!

Price:  $18 + P&H @ $9.50 (Only available within Australia)

Hi Mahalo Mel ~ I would like to order the following please!


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I would like:

What is your PayPal Name or Email & Mahalo Mel will send you a PayPal link to review & approve.*


Gifts From The Heart

Wands, sterling silver, gift, gift ideas, bride, bridesmaid, new ideas, new idea, jewellery, make a wish,

Mahalo Mel is also known for tinkering!  If you love the luna, FAE & magic you might like her jewellery that has been inspired by this too!  You can visit ~ 

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