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Sterling Silver; Fairy; Witchy; Handmade; Tinker; Wands; Moon; Stars

Tinker ​Mel Collection

Designs inspired with a little bit 

of magic in mind!


Note:  All prices are in AUD and will appear

cheaper once converted to USD, GBP etc

within PayPal before confirming payment.

A Sneak Peak From Tinker Mel ~ SQUEAL!

Brushed brass, brass, earrings, sterling silver moon crescent, earrings, moon

Reach For The Stars!

9 of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, brass necklace

9 of Pentacles Necklace

Sterling Silver, Wands, Fairy, Fairy Wand, wishes granted, granting wishes, magic

Solid Sterling Silver Wands!

New Sterling Silver Sheet & brass Sheet Items

Pawfect; Paws; Earrings; Fairy; Sterling Silver; Silver; Witchy; Witch; Moon; Magic

Pawfect Domed 

Disc Earrings

Halley's Comet, Shooting Star, Sterling silver, brass, Gift, Tinker, Magical

Halley's Comet


Brass, Shooting Star, Shooting stars; FAE; earrings; stars; Fairy; Witchy; Thinker; Gift

Shooting Stars

Gallery of Sterling Silver Sheet 

& brass Sheet Items

Wands; Wand; Fairy; Sterling Silver; Silver; Witchy; Witch; Moon; Magic
Sterling Silver; Moon; Crest; Chain; Fairy; Witchy; Thinker; Gift
Brushed sterling silver moon crescent, earrings, moon
Strawberry Moon, Unisex, Bracelet, Unisex bracelet, Moon, Gift, Tinker, Magical
Shooting Star, Sterling Silver, Brass, earrings, space
Midnight sky, moons & stars, Brass, earrings, space

Tinker Mel Lost Wax Solid 

Sterling Silver Pieces

Ring Sizer From Tink 

- Postage & Handling Inc.

Finally a ring sizer that can be mailed directly to you from Tink!

The Multisizer works like a belt.  Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.  

Slip the ring sizer on to your finger and adjust to give a comfortable fit, checking that it can just slip back over the knuckle.

Size 'O' is as shown on the packet.

Cost is a flat rate of $5 - includes postage & handling - Domestic only

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