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Luna love, full moon, magic, wattle, triple moon, gifts, handmade

Tinker Mel's Earring Collection 

Tink has been having so much fun creating these beauties from solid sterling silver sheet & brass sheet.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

International Note: All prices are in AUD and will be cheaper once converted to USD or GBP etc with PayPal prior to purchasing.

Shooting Star & Comet Range!

More New Items From Tink!

Re-listed & Back again! Tinks Brass Earrings

Sterling silver Sheet Range

New Sterling silver Fairy Dew Drop Earrings

New Sterling silver Hammered Luna Crescents

Sterling silver & Golden Brass Sheet

New Sterling silver Twinkling Luna Ladies

New 10 of Pentacles Brass Earrings

Chunky Solid Silver Luna earrings

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