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Fun Art Activities
Setting Your Intent! Book Me In!

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Setting Your Intent
To Manifest Dreams & Wishes 

Through Art & Play

Please come and enjoy an afternoon or evening with me of setting your intent & manifesting your dreams & wishes through the magic of art & play.  You'll be guided in how to use tracing paper, ink pens, pretty pastels & wonderful watercolours ~ putting out to the universe what your dreams & wishes are and by setting your intent and representing it through the images provided in flip books and via the art you create, all at Mahalo Mel's Art Hut within Bayside, Hampton East.  


Manifesting can be to do with ie. health, wanting to feel stronger, protected and healed or to do with love and self love, or abundance in wealth or being abundant in confidence, skills, joy & happiness.  The list goes on!  It is like making a wish.  It's all up to you and what you would like to attract into your energy field. Give yourself permission to play at the Mahalo Mel Art Hut!


You will be guided through this process which will enable you to create something that is unique to you and which you'll be proud of to display.  It is for beginners & beyond = Yay!  Let's go! 

Here are some examples of completed manifestations

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